Congressional Day Care Opens on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON (The Barbed Wire) – The official Congressional Day Care opened today on Capitol Hill and took in its first Democratic clients after the politicians had a temper tantrum in the House chamber.

Congressional Democrats threw a fit after not getting their way on a gun control bill. Rather than looking for other political options, the group of boys and girls vowed to sit and pout until the grownups caved to their demands.


The political toddlers sat on the floor of the building where the House of Representatives conducts business, and refused to leave. House staff set up baby gates around the group, and teacher’s aide Elizabeth Warren brought smiles to the group when she walked in with several dozen donuts and juice boxes.

“Wigwam” Warren said the atmosphere took her back to her pow wow days in their teepee (tipi) when she was a little girl, so she plopped down on the floor with the kids and joined in the games.

The children posed for pictures for the media, played rock-paper-scissors, and took naps. Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, helped the kids pass the time by reading some of her favorite children’s books to the group. Among others, she read “The Very Hungover Caterpillar,” “The House That Crack Built,” and “Was it Good for You, Sheep?”


The day wasn’t all smiles though. Little Elijah Cummings spent most of the day pouting after he dropped his pacifier and couldn’t find it again. He told a teacher he thought Sheila Jackson-Lee stole it, but she denied it and he couldn’t prove it.




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5 Thoughts to “Congressional Day Care Opens on Capitol Hill

  1. The only difference between this group today and in the ’60’s is today they’re all wearing suits. Still the same scowl on their faces…still the same playbook…still the same results.

    1. They deserve a time out.

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of sending them to bed without their supper.

        1. I think they were more interested in scoring a taxpayer funded buffet, served in the House chamber, than they were about gun control.

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