DC Restaurants to Start Offering Protesting/Non-Protesting Seating Areas

WASHINGTON – It used to be smoking or non-smoking. These days, however, restaurants in the nation’s capitol will soon be offering protesting or non-protesting seating areas. It’s a test program for now, but will be rolled out to other cities run by Democrats if successful.

Some DC-area restaurant owners say that getting screamed at while trying to enjoy your meal only adds to the Washington dining experience. Customers in protesting sections will be serenaded with shouted chants, usually no longer than five or six words. That’s the highest number of words the average protester is able to string together at one time.

Owners are asking protesters to be obnoxious only in designated protesting areas. They admit that they charge higher prices to those who request to dine in peace.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell and his wife recently tried out the protesting section in a local establishment, and he said the experience was certainly a memorable one. “It’s a strange experience to have someone shouting ‘Shame! Shame!’ from just a few feet away, and telling you what a horrible human being you are, all while you’re just trying to enjoy your complimentary chips and salsa.”


Texas senator Ted Cruz, and his wife Heidi, were also recently shouted at while dining out recently. Heidi later commented that most of the protesters in their section that night appeared to be allergic to showers and/or deodorant.

Restaurants owners are also thrilled that protesters are not even charging them for their services. That’s because George Soros is picking up the check.


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3 Thoughts to “DC Restaurants to Start Offering Protesting/Non-Protesting Seating Areas

  1. Can we get cities and states that are Democrat/Non-Democrat? That would be great! We could ship them all off to either California or New York depending on whether or not they like east coast time or west coast time!

    1. E. Williams

      I don’t see why we can’t. But they’d better not come begging for money when their states go broke from funding their Utopian fairy tale programs!

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