Dem Convention Emcee Eva Longoria: Last 4 Years Has Left My Hair Diminished, Divided

MILWAUKEE – The gloomy Democrats kicked off their convention Monday night. The virtual event’s emcee was former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. And the actress wasted no time in attacking President Trump.

“The past few months have tested us all,” Longoria began. “It’s been tougher for some of us than for others. But it isn’t just the past few months. The past four years has left my hair diminished and divided. When will this national nightmare end?”

Eva recounted how living under an oppressive Trump administration has affected the graying of her roots, caused split ends, combined with the tragedy of her not having access to her team of stylists during the lockdowns.

eva longoria

“We’re better than this. My hair deserves better than this,” she continued. Then she attempted to pump up viewers by reciting the opening words of the Preamble to The Constitution. “And so we choose to act, inspired by the three sacred words that breathe life into our nation: ‘We the Protesters…‘”

Democrats have chosen the “We the Protesters” mantra as the theme for their convention. Later in the evening, Michelle Obama delivered a gut-wrenching plea to Democrats, reminding them of the horrors of not getting this election right. “If the current president is allowed to have four more years, we will face a dystopian future full of prosperity, low unemployment numbers, law and order, and the continuing degradation of Eva’s hair! Is that really what we want?”

In another speech highlight, dispirited Democratic viewers were treated to the news that John Kasich’s father was a mailman. And this was just Day 1 of the convention.


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