Democrat Jerry Nadler Explains The Myths Of The Sun, Riots


WASHINGTON – Democrat Jerry Nadler made headlines this week by insisting the Portland Riots, now in their third month, are myths. As are any other riots in any other Democratic-run cities.

But those aren’t the only myths Nadler claims are out there. A man told Jerry that tons of video proof exists of the violence by socialist-democrat-anarchists in Portland and other cities.

“Those are myths,” Nadler shot back. “Just like the sun is a myth.” The man countered, saying, “The sun is right over that direction. You can see it with your own eyes right now from where we’re standing. Look, it’s right there.”

“I’m not falling for that one,” Nadler responded. “There’s no such thing and you know it. As for these so-called ‘riots’ you’re asking about? All I’ve seen on the news is happy-go-lucky, passionate protesters throwing peaceful bricks, make-believe Molotov cocktails, and lighting buildings on fire to warm up those cold, July nights.”

Jerry then explained that it’s the Greek god Zeus who is responsible for turning the lights on and off each day for the world. As he walked away, he told the gentleman, “Get your facts straight, man.”


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