Democrat Jerry Nadler Hoping To Avoid Catching Virus Through Forehead

Jerry Nadler

WASHINGTON – Saying “I believe it’s common knowledge,” Democrat congressman Jerry Nadler asserted that everyone knows the coronavirus enters the human body through the forehead. For this reason, the politician has raised his mask position to mirror the higher-than-normal position of his belt.

Nadler was photographed today in the House chamber, where he showed how he protects his forehead with his mask. “This is the best way to stay safe during this pandemic,” Jerry told reporters. “You’ve got to block the forehead. Why do you think they scan your forehead to check for fever? Because scientists know that the forehead is where the virus is going to manifest itself the strongest. Duh.”

“I may be the Forrest Gump of the House of Representatives,” Nadler continued, “But even I know you’ve got to cover the forehead area. If you’re not wearing your mask like I am…’re doing it wrong.”

Nadler, busting out in song at a recent event. It was an operatic piece he had written about the virtues of mask wearing.

Finally, Jerry shamed all Americans, saying the number of covid-19 cases would be vastly reduced if more people would simply adopt his forehead covering method.


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