Democrats’ 2018 Slogan: ‘For the Sheeple,’ ‘For the Illegals’ Almost Win


WASHINGTON – “For the People” is the new campaign slogan chosen for Democrats during the 2018 midterm election season. But the slogan didn’t win by much. Several other suggestions were wanted by party higher-ups, who felt other taglines better portrayed the vibe of Democrats these days.

“We really wanted either ‘For the Sheeple,’ or ‘For the Illegals,’ Party Chairman Tom Perez said. “Most of our supporters are sheeple, so that was a no-brainer. I thought that was a slam dunk. But my co-chair Keith Ellison, and leaders Schumer and Pelosi, wanted ‘For the Illegals‘ because that’s who they care about the most.

“We focus-grouped the hell out of our best ideas, like the sheeple one, but the majority we polled felt those others were too direct. We realized there was a slim chance that some of our supporters might realize that they are sheeple. In the end, we just couldn’t take that chance.”

The group of Democrats finally settled on “For the People, But Just During Election Time” before ultimately dropping the second part because they feared the slogan was too long for a bumper sticker. Nancy Pelosi added, “I think the ‘just during election time‘ part is already implied and understood by most Democrats anyway.”


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