Democrats Becoming Rabid ‘Un-Vaxists’ Founder Of Unvaccinated Lives Matter Claims


WASHINGTON – Yesterday, Joe Biden showed the country his disdain for the unvaccinated. In fact, Democrats everywhere have started exhibiting “un-vaxism” in alarming numbers. Un-vaxism is defined as ‘prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism toward a person who has chosen not to receive the covid-19 vaccine.’

Harvey Riddell, founder of Unvaccinated Lives Matter (ULM) explained the climate toward the jab-resistant. “The level of hatred from Democrats toward people who are unvaccinated is frightening. They treat us as less than human. They want to take away our rights. We call it un-vaxism, and Democrats are the biggest un-vaxists of them all.”

Un-vaxists seem fine as long as they’re around people of their own kind. But they consider themselves superior over the unvaccinated. Riddell started ULM to raise awareness that unvaccinated people are being unfairly targeted, simply for being covid vaccine-hesitant.

“There is a rising epidemic of un-vaxism in our country today. We refuse to be treated as second-class citizens based solely on our lack of a vaccine card. I’d like to ask these un-vaxists, ‘How would you like it if people treated you badly just because your antibodies were different from theirs?’ Paging Dr. Jim Crow!”

Un-vaxists used guilt trips and fear-mongering early on to demean the shot-less. Now, un-vaxists are demanding people be fired from jobs, banned from public places, or worse until they meet the compassionate Left’s demands. Medical bigots.


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