Democrats Demand Trump Start Paying Rent For Living In Their Heads

WASHINGTON – President Trump has been living rent-free in the heads of tens of millions of Democrats for well over a year now, and many are finally saying “enough is enough.” They now want reparations.

“As the party of freeloaders, it pains me to say this,” a disturbed Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer said on Saturday, “But if he’s going to live here 24/7, he needs to pay up.” Schumer was unsure when asked what he thought a fair price for head-space rental might be.

Socialist Bernie Sanders admitted, “I usually advocate for everything to be free, but in this case, I think an exception is warranted. I know Mr. Trump has been living in my own head, rent-free, for a long time. And my crazy mind is even paying all his bills! Even cable!”

Hollywood celebrities like Johnny Depp, Chelsea Handler, Cher, and Judd Apatow are complaining about Trump being a squatter in their heads, and not paying a cent for it. It should be noted that living in these heads is like living in a small travel trailer, as there just isn’t much space to begin with.

Many black entertainers like Chris Rock, Samuel Jackson, MSNBC’s Joy Reid, and Whoopi Goldberg also want back-rent, along with interest, for the time Trump has been living rent-free in their heads. But, of course, they want reparations for everything.



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3 Thoughts to “Democrats Demand Trump Start Paying Rent For Living In Their Heads

  1. I have but one question…if Trump pays rent, will that shut these people up? If so, I’d gladly contribute. Of course, I’m still waiting for Lena Dunham and Rosie O’Donnell to move out of the country along with Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

    1. E. Williams

      It’s a valid question. But I think the answer is no, sadly.

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