Democrats Enter Insanity Plea in Lawsuit Against Trump, Russia, Wikileaks

WASHINGTON – In a political head-scratcher this week, the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s 2016 campaign, the country of Russia, and Wikileaks. The suit accuses the three entities of colluding to make Hillary Clinton suck so bad that she lost the election.

Shortly after filing the lawsuit, spearheaded by DNC chair Tom Perez, the party entered a plea of insanity for itself. Typically, a defendant would be the one entering an insanity plea in a case, but this is the Democratic Party of 2018.

Democratic opera star Tom Perez sings the praises of the Party’s latest lawsuit.

Perez said in a statement that Trump Derangement Syndrome has destroyed the ability for rational thought to exist in the Party anymore. “Look, we don’t know what else to do…AND, we’re all bat-shit crazy over Hillary’s loss,” Tom said. “This lawsuit is just the latest thing we’re throwing against the wall to see if it sticks.”

“The insanity plea is just to cover our bases. Nothing has worked to drive the president out of office so far,” he continued, “and we don’t know how else to handle it. Since most people are afraid of the clinically insane, we thought that might work in our favor in this case. Plus, it’s believable.”


cover photo credit: Tom Stiglich


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