Democrats Hope ‘DACA Alpaca’ Mascot Will Solicit Sympathy for Illegals

WASHINGTON – With their Dreamers crushed after their government shutdown strategy backfired, Democrats have announced plans to attach a face to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) movement, in hopes of pulling at heartstrings to gain sympathy for their pet cause.

The new mascot is the DACA Alpaca, a group of sweater-wearing Alpacas who strayed across the border while following their mama. The alpacas entered the country illegally, having never gone through a Fish & Wildlife checkpoint or wandering into a US Customs and Immigration Office.

The DACA Alpacas settle in Deming, New Mexico, where they stole sweaters off a clothesline in someone’s backyard, thinking the clothing would help them blend into the community. But Democrats believe it’s shameful to make the Alpacas live in the shadows anymore.


Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said, “These adorable, furry animals represent the hundreds of thousands of DACA kids we are fighting for – except the kids are not as furry. They arrived here at a very young age, through no fault of their own, and they know no other home but Deming.”

Schumer told reporters that Nancy Pelosi thought of the Alpaca idea, and the party is hoping that Americans will not be able to say no to allowing the furry Dreamers, and the less furry Dreamer kids, to stay in the country permanently.


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