Democrats Reveal How Trump Whistleblower Complaint Originated


WASHINGTON – Everyone wants to know how details of a conversation between President Trump and a foreign leader were leaked through a whistleblower. The New York Times is now reporting that the information was given to Democrats through a complex chain of hearsay that went like this:

…whose Dad works for the CIA. Guess its pretty serious.

The Times also said the above method mirrors the papers’ own procedure for making up stories and then citing “anonymous” sources. Democrat Nancy Pelosi would only tell reporters they were tipped off to the whistleblower complaint by a brave girl named Simone.

And while the information was sketchy at best, Democrats decided it was enough for them to bet their 2020 futures on impeachment. Congressman Adam Schiff went so far as to hold a parody hearing on the matter with an intelligence official.

The parody hearing wasn’t very good, since Schiff failed to include any funny lines for any of the participants. However, as evidenced below, Schiff is now the bug-eyed darling of the far-left wing of his Party for advancing impeachment based on 7th-hand knowledge.


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