Democrats Say Senator Wanting Trump Assassination ‘Mis-typed’


MISSOURI – State Senator¬†Maria Chappelle-Nadal is in deep doo-doo. The angry, black politician posted a status on her personal Facebook account this week, saying, “I hope Trump is assassinated!” It’s a bad move for a left or right-wing nutjob, but even worse coming from a politician who should know better.

State and national democrats are now in full damage control, caught between defending their senator and taking action to have her removed from office. Nadal’s official excuse is “Out of anger and frustration, I said something that could have been reframed.”

After getting slammed on social media for her comment, Nadal later explained, “I probably should have said something like ‘I hope the president takes a bullet right between the eyes,’ or ‘Will someone please poison this man already?’ or ‘I’ll supply the rope if somebody else will lynch the president and spend the rest of their life in prison for me,’ instead. I see that now.”

Other Missouri democrats pointed out that she suffers from “keyboard rage,” and Nadal’s emotions over the recent Charlottesville events simply got the best of her. They believe she just “mis-typed.” So far, the senator has refused to apologize for making the assassination comment.

When asked if she’ll resign, Nadal’s response has been, “Awww, hell no! I’ll apologize after someone assassinates that man in the White House,” Nadal said. However, the Secret Service might carry out an assassination on her own political career very soon.



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