Democrats Slam Voter Integrity Laws Because Of The Integrity Part

GEORGIA – Democrats in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill are blasting the recently passed Voter Integrity Law as racist. The new law is designed to combat voter fraud and require ID’s to legally vote. Leftists hate that.

Professional bimbo Chelsea Handler cried out, “Those right-wing bastards just want to bar minorities from voting! I swear I’ll never have sex again on Georgia soil! Aaaahhhhhhh!”

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer expressed his displeasure with the law this way: “I first had to look up what ‘integrity’ means. It says ‘adhering to a moral or ethical code,’ or some such nonsense. That’s ridiculous. Integrity has no home in the Democratic Party.”

voter integrity
A foreign concept in America today.

Director Michael Moore said, “I’ve never had integrity, not as a voter or in any other aspect of my life. What we need is less integrity. That’s how we won this last election.”

Georgia voting huckster Stacey Abrams remarked, “To have integrity, the dictionary says a person should conduct their self within an accepted standard of right or wrong. Give me a break! Who’s got time for that?”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg released a statement on the new law. “We at Facebook had to look up the word ‘integrity.’ Our independent fact-checkers concluded that the various meanings of the word conflict with what we’re all about. So we’ve labeled that voting law as ‘Mostly False’ anywhere it pops up on our platform.”

For Democrats, cheating is caring.


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