Dem VP Pick Agrees to Wear Pantsuits During Campaign

VIRGINIA – Hillary Clinton made her pick for vice-president this week, and the winner was Democratic senator Tim Kaine from Virginia. Kaine is seen by many as a boring VP pick, but the senator said the special condition he agreed to, in order to win Mrs. Clinton over, will spice things up.

Hillary has insisted from day one that whoever she picked as her running mate, male or female or unspecified, would have to agree to wear her signature pantsuits on the campaign trail. Kaine said he had no trouble agreeing to the unusual demand.

“Crossdressing is a small price to pay to be one heartbeat away from the presidency,” Kaine said. “That’s what my wife and I decided together. And, for the record, blue and turquoise are my best colors.”

Kaine said the huge transgender voting bloc was a major reason for his decision. “According to the media, 3 out of 5 Americans are transgender. Right?” Kaine asked.

Behind the scenes, Clinton campaign staff have also been working with Kaine on learning to walk in low heels, and how to point at people with his mouth wide open.


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