Dems Insist ‘N’ In ‘N-Word’ Is Silent When Hunter Biden, His Father Use Word

Hunter Biden

WASHINGTON – News has broken that Joe Biden and his son Hunter have used the ‘N-word’ numerous times in the past. Fortunately for them, the cancel culture crowd is apparently on vacation for the summer.

NBC’s Chris Todd gave his take on the brewing controversy. “First of all, I don’t think these two ever used this offensive word. If they had, we’d be covering it in the media. Since we’re ignor-, I mean not covering it, it never happened.” Todd then offered another explanation for what happened.

“See, when Democrats use the ‘n-word,’ the ‘n’ is silent. Hence, not offensive. Evil Republicans, however, insist on enunciating every word correctly. That’s part of the reason they’re so insidious in the first place. But Hunter Biden and the president only pronounce the word with a silent ‘n.’ If media reported it wrong in the past…that’s not the Bidens’ fault.”

The View’s Sunny Hostin also defended the Biden’s. “I’ve listened to the evidence being cited, and all I hear is what comes after the ‘N.’ However, every time I’ve ever heard a Republican say it, I hear that ‘N’ loud and clear. Democrats would have to have selective hearing as a group for that to happen. On the Left, we may have selective outrage, selective truth, selective history, and selective genders, but never have I met a Democrat who had selective hearing. Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.”

There you have it. The brainiacs behind Meet the Press and The View. What a sorry bunch of racist, biased ‘ ‘itwits.


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