Dems Outraged Trump UN Speech Contained No Bowing, Apologies

NEW YORK – Hospitals nationwide reported a surge in hyperventilation cases being presented by progressives and democrats after President Trump referred to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as “Rocket Man.” But they were upset by so much more. The following are some of the criticisms voiced by various pundits and Democrats immediately following the president’s address to the United Nations today:

17 year-old former White House spokesboy Josh Earnest – “The president’s speech was foolish, incoherent, and very unObama-like.”

CNN contributor David Gergen – “I didn’t see a single bow toward a foreign leader. That’s unforgivable. I’ve never been more embarrassed to be an American.”

Hillary Clinton – “I would have set a record for apologies. For everything… everyone in attendance. Then I would have solicited them all for donations to the Clinton Foundation. I would’ve even given out Chelsea’s cellphone number so they would know who to send the money to.”


Juan Williams from Fox News – “What I heard was a president telling the UN body that all black people worldwide need to be exterminated, and I heard him use the n-word at least 20 times, by my count. Outrageous.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – “If you read between the lines, and then make up those details between the lines like I do, you heard the president admit to the entire UN that he rigged the election with Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. I’ve got him this time!”

Little Georgie Stephanopoulos of ABC News – “I thought it was a waste of time. The ‘Rocket Man’ name-calling floored me. Granted, it’s a short trip to the floor for me. But he sounded like a big meanie, especially to my friends in Iran. He probably hurt Mr. Jong-un’s feelings, and he didn’t mention his tax returns once. Very disappointed.”

President Trump was kicking ass and taking names. Democrats just didn’t know how to handle the performance, having gotten used to 8 years of bowing and apologies.


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