Dems Question Kavanaugh ‘Let It Be Lowenbrau’ Yearbook Comment


WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are still demanding explanations for some cryptic entries contained in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s high school calendars and yearbooks. Despite a looming vote on his confirmation to the Supreme Court, certain Democrats say questions about Kavanaugh’s past continue to raise red flags for them.

Senator Cory Booker wondered, “In May of 1982, the judge wrote ‘Tonight, let it be Lowenbrau.’ Who or what is Lowenbrau? A classmate? A secret party place? He needs to answer this. Is it related to the ‘Devil’s Triangle,’ or a type of ‘boofing?’ Frankly, it sounds ominous to me.”

Kamala Harris pointed to yearbook writings like ‘Stroh’s before Ho’s!,’ ‘Schlitz Happens’ and ‘Let’s get Blatzed tonight!’ that are scribbled on different pages. “While I don’t know what those phrases mean, the first one certainly seems to suggest the judge had a demeaning view of all women in high school,” she said.

Senator Richard Blumenthal is demanding explanation for some names mentioned in a yearbook. “There are references to an ‘Alex,’ someone named ‘Schaefer’ and a ‘Spuds MacKenzie.’ Are these members of his gang rape club? They certainly sound like characters the FBI should be interested in interviewing as potential witnesses, at the very least.”

Judge Kavanaugh offered a 3-word answer to the Senate Democrats – I like beer. The senators say they aren’t buying it. They can expect to have a massive hangover the day after Kavanaugh is confirmed.


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  1. Let’s hope the snowflakes are too damn hungover to show up to work for the next 30 years!

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