Disney Flying Freak Flag Over Magic Kingdom, Plans To ‘Gay Up’ Content


MAGIC KINGDOM – Woke Disney has promised to create new content for kids that is LGBTD+ friendly. The D stands for Disney. The move is apparently trying to capture that coveted “3-16 year old, sexually confused” demographic.

The media company plans to shove the gay/trans lifestyle down consumer’s throats through new content, as well as ‘gaying up’ old fan favorites. Disney’s new CEO said, “We’ll be pandering to the LGBTD+ crowd with shows like That’s So Craven, Lezzie McGuire, Ken Possible, Good Tuck Charlie, Trannah Montana, Phineas Becomes Ferb, and The Sick Life of Zach and Cody.”

The boss vowed to go on a global listening tour in an attempt to apologize to Disney employees for the company not being gay enough. Upcoming movies will introduce young viewers to the wonders of gender fluidity, binding, intersectionality, preferred pronouns, transphobia and glory holes, among many other deviant lifestyle choices.

Until now, fans have been unable to truly enjoy Disney movies because characters’ sexual proclivities have not been spelled out for us. Why didn’t Mickey Mouse ever participate in group sex? We never got to see Simba, the Lion Queer. Was Cruella de Vil’s gender dysphoria behind her projection of hate to those poor Dalmations? Good lord, Disney, how did our society make it this far?


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One Thought to “Disney Flying Freak Flag Over Magic Kingdom, Plans To ‘Gay Up’ Content

  1. When Disney went with “Gay Day” a couple of decades ago, I stopped any affiliation with Disney. Won’t go to their parks, won’t watch ABC-TV or ESPN, won’t go to their movies. Sometimes you just HAVE to draw the line. Walt’s frozen head must be spinning like a top about now!!!

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