DJ Fauci Pimps New Holiday Album ‘Masky Christmas’

The mainstream media’s favorite doctor on all things coronavirus is Dr. Anthony Fauci. With his scratchy voice, he can do no wrong in their eyes. So this Christmas, the doc has decided to capitalize on his fame by releasing a Christmas album.

Fauci remixes beloved Christmas songs to entertain us during these trying times. He spins under the name DJ Fauci, and has made public his double-album track list just in time for next Tuesday’s release date. The DJ samples everybody from Tony Bennett to Eartha Kitt to Dean Martin to Patti LaBelle. Enjoy!


The First N95


Frosty the Antigen

O Come All Ye Essential

We Need A Little Vaccine

I’m Distancing With You 

Last Virus (Wham! remix)

Do You Fear What I Fear?

A Marshmallow Pandemic

The Twelve Days Of Isolation

Corona Claus Is Comin’ To Town

Hark, The Herd Immunity’s Here

Sanatiza Baby (Eartha Kitt remix)

Rudolph the Symptomatic Reindeer 

I’ve Got My Fever To Keep Me Warm

I Saw Mommy Swabbing Santa Claus

I Want A Hydroxypatamus For Christmas

Please (Don’t) Come Home For Christmas

Grandma Got Run Over By A Contact Tracer

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Clear Tests

Do They Know It’s Contagious? (Band Aid remix)

Home For The Holidays (Cause Everything’s Shutdown)

Wash Your Hands, Wash Your Hands, Wash Your Hands 

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Lockdowns     Moderna, Did You Know?



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