Election Official With Facial Tic Rigging Florida Recount

BROWARD COUNTY – With a wink and a nod, Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes says the Florida recount for the DeSantis/Gillum race is under control. But is she telling the truth? A facial tic that Snipes has had for years makes it hard to tell.

She explains that constant winking at Democrats and looking the other way as voter fraud is committed under her (watchful?) eye are to blame for her facial tic. “It is what it is. I can’t help it,” Snipes says, as she slips another bundle of fraudulent ballots under the table to a fellow election worker.

President Trump called out Snipes yesterday for being dishonest and trying to rig the election for Democrats. “I think he’s being ticky-tacky because of my tic.” She then started a forklift that she used to load a truck with pallets of ballots that were, coincidentally, all marked for Democrat candidates only.

A pic of a younger Snipes. She’s been rigging elections for many years.

“Why would I rig an election?” she shouted over the loud forklift. “It’s clear the Democrats won these races. We just haven’t finished creating the proof yet. I need a little more time for the recount. But just because I’ve been convicted of cheating in past elections doesn’t mean I’m doing it right in front of you, as we speak.”

Before cutting the engine, Snipes ran the forklift into several walls because her facial tic kept screwing up her depth perception.

At a recent meeting defending her tactics, Snipes tells one man to “talk to the hand,” lulls a black man to sleep with her excuses, and causes the lady seen next to her to face-plant on the table right after this pic was taken.


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3 Thoughts to “Election Official With Facial Tic Rigging Florida Recount

  1. Yeah, we got a “Sneaky Snipes” of our own here in Maricopa County…Adrian Fontes is just as liberal, just as sneaky, and just as corrupt…holding back 600,000 votes to count until AFTER the rest of the state released their votes on our US Senate Race. Thanks Adrian! You’re a real peach!

    1. E. Williams

      Remember the olden days when they used to jail people for corruption? I miss those days.

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