Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test Reveals She’s 82.6% Liar


MASSACHUSETTS – Using the DNA test from genetic profiling company 23andMeCherokee, Senator Elizabeth Warren released results that shed light on her ancestry. Warren has insisted she’s got Native American heritage in her bloodline.

However, recently submitted DNA tests prove she likely has less Native American heritage than the average white woman in America today.

Daniel Farraday, a geneticist with 23andMeCherokee, revealed, “The closest we could come to pinning down any real Indian connection to Mrs. Warren was that we believe her great-great-great-great grandfather may have met a Cherokee tribe member when the two accidentally showed up at the same time to take a leak in the same river. They cordially nodded to the other, and went their separate ways soon after.”

Warren’s test did confirm what many Americans have long suspected though. Her DNA test revealed that she is indeed 82.6% liar. Her ancestry breakdown is as follows:

16% White
1.37% Democrat/Socialist
0.028% Norwegian
0.0014% American Indian
82.6% Liar

“The Liar part of her make up was most prominent, as you can see,” Farraday explained. “That’s most likely why she ended up in politics. Remember, you can’t fool the DNA test – even with high cheek bones.”


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