Emmy Voters Forced To Attend ‘Black Acting School’ After Whites Sweep 2021 Awards

Emmy voters

ATLANTA – A day after the 2021 Emmy Awards show, enrollment swelled at the Black Acting School here. It turns out that voters awarded white actors wins in every major category. No POC claimed any of the main acting categories. It was celebrity white privilege on display for the whole nation to see – if they had watched the show.

Humiliated at their lack of diversity, all white Emmy voters (20,000+) have been auto-enrolled in Robert Townsend’s Black Acting School. Townsend started the school in 1987. The purpose is to promote the importance of blackness in the entertainment industry.

The school has trained black actors for decades, but white Emmy voters will be exposed to obstacles blacks face in their struggle to gain acceptance in their industry. Actor Seth Rogen was shocked at the awards results. “I thought it was most important to say you were against white privilege, racism, whatever. I didn’t realize we were expected to walk the walk.”

An anonymous, woke, white actress put it this way. “I’m disgusted. The percentage of POC in our population should be doubled, and that number is the ratio of black performers that should be winning awards, right? I’m glad they’re sending us to Black Acting School. We clearly need a reminder.”

Hopefully, white Emmy voters won’t be such jive turkeys next year.

**And if you haven’t seen it, go find Hollywood Shuffle, from 1987. It’s hilarious, brilliant, and timeless.