Facebook, Twitter Call A Lid On Hunter/Joe Biden ‘Smoking Gun’ Story

ONLINE – Facebook and Twitter, the social media wings of the Democrat Party, banned a story that made Joe Biden look bad. The ‘smoking gun’ article was published by the New York Post and proves corruption by Joe Biden.

In light of the news, Biden called a lid on his campaign for the day. The platforms promptly followed by calling a lid on the unflattering story.

“The New York Post story exposes Joe Biden for corruption involving his son Hunter and the Ukrainian company, Burisma. This could damage his 2020 prospects. Therefore, we’ve called a lid on the story – effectively banning it from appearing on our platforms,” said a joint statement from the social media giants.

smoking gun

Twitter claimed the Post’s story was ‘unsafe’ for its online community, because it was deemed ‘potentially harmful to a Democrat.’

Facebook insisted the ‘smoking gun’ article could cost Biden votes. “I won’t stand for that,” founder Mark Zuckerberg said. “We’re currently making up some community standard the story supposedly violates. My people will come up with something good, I’m sure.”

The New York Post is furious about being censored. “We’re saddened by the Nazi-like behavior that Facebook and Twitter have exhibited today,” a Post spokesman said.

Facebook and Twitter claim they’ve never heard of a ‘freedom of the press,’ ‘First Amendment,’ or ‘Constitution.’ In fact, Zuckerberg accused us of making up those terms.


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