Feminists Angry “Wonder Woman” Not Like Them, Want “Wonder Bitch” Movie

HOLLYWOOD – They’ve got their knives out again. Feminists, led by Gloria Steinem and her Ms. Magazine, are upset that the latest Wonder Woman character currently ruling the box office is not more like them. They want “Wonder Bitch” to hit the big screen.

“It’s just not realistic to my mind,” a Ms. Magazine writer said. “This Wonder Woman is beautiful, has perfect hair, a perfect body. She’s a badass, but also lets her emotions enter into her decisions. Emotions like love. There’s already too much love in this world. Everybody should be miserable like us (feminists).”

“I want to know when we’re going to get a frumpy, butch-looking, bitter, man-hating, flannel costumed lesbian warrior who doesn’t walk like she’s on the catwalk as she heads into battle. You know, one that’s more like us. She can rid the world of body-shaming. Give us ‘Wonder Bitch!'”

wonder woman

Steinem herself issued a statement demanding a Wonder Bitch movie, but also admitted that her group would find fault with that character and movie too, because, “We’re never happy. Where’s the joy in that?”

She suggested Rosie O’Donnell, Lena Dunham, Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton, Joy Behar, or Whoopi Goldberg as possible female leads for a Wonder Bitch movie.



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3 Thoughts to “Feminists Angry “Wonder Woman” Not Like Them, Want “Wonder Bitch” Movie

  1. An Anti-Feminists

    Femminists are never happy. No little girl wants to be fat, no little girl wants to be a bitch, girls want to be beautiful and pretty, to be badass and loved. Not a bitchy femminist with poor views on life.

  2. Yeah! I thought Wonder Woman was gay anyway…wasn’t she always hanging around with some other gal making googly eyes at her? Or was that just Linda Carter doing that?

    1. E. Williams

      There have been rumors……not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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