Fisher-Price Toy Controversy Brings Out Internet Paul Reveres

WHEREVER – Paul Revere is best known as a patriot in colonial days who alerted militia to approaching British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord. An internet Paul Revere is someone who feels compelled to alert others on social media that something is wrong with a news story. They are similar to a ‘Captain Obvious.’

Usually, the news story is obviously satire, photoshopped, or simply made up to get a laugh from the audience because of its absurdity. But while the real Paul Revere was a hero, internet Paul Reveres are not. They possess neither a sense of humor, or very much common sense.

Most educated people can identify something as a hoax or “just for fun,” but in all groups, or lengthy threads on social media, there is that one person who feels compelled to alert those who already get the joke that it’s not real. Phew! They saved the day by setting everyone straight!

Fisher-Price toy company is getting calls from people complaining about someone’s satirical take on one of their playsets for kids. It’s a made up happy hour bar set for toddlers. Obviously fake, not anything remotely made by Fisher-Price and, while maybe in poor taste – and it’s probably not a good idea to use the likeness and name of a major company in your attempt at humor – 99% of the readers get that it’s a joke.


The people who complain about a non-existent toy are the same people who probably went out to stores looking for products such as; Happy Fun Ball (do not taunt Happy Fun Ball), the Love Toilet, Three-Legged Jeans, Earthies Diapers, Johnny Switchblade, Bag O’ Glass, and Super Colon Blow cereal.

They think they’re performing a public service by ruining the joke for everyone else, just because they don’t get it. But, honestly, what do you want to bet the kid standing, holding the beer on the Happy Hour playset is named………..”NORM!” Evening everybody.

P.S. Paul Reveres, Pole Dancer Barbie is not real either. Unless you make your own. Pervert.


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