Fly on Hillary’s Face During Debate Sent by Russia’s Putin

ST. LOUIS – Those watching the second presidential debate noticed a fly land on Hillary Clinton’s face, just as the candidate was delivering another round of bullsh*t to the audience with her answer to a question.

Robby Mook, Clinton’s annoying, 15 year-old campaign manager, said he believes the fly landing was the work of Russians. “Everybody knows Putin and the Russians will stop at nothing to see Hillary defeated. Not even Trump could have pulled this stunt off.”

The stealth fly, still on the loose tonight, landed just above Hillary’s eye, paused for the cameras, then made its escape. “Everything bad that happens to Hillary is caused by Donald Trump, Putin, Colin Powell, or Abraham Lincoln,” Mook said. “We think we’ve ruled out Lincoln at this point, and close-up camera shots show this to probably be a Russian fly.”

“I won’t rest until that little Russian bastard is squashed,” insisted Robby. It’s unclear whether he was referring to Putin or the insect.

Hillary was clearly embarrassed by the incident, and has vowed to carpet-bomb Russia with No-Pest Strips, if elected. President Obama has been plagued by “fly-face” several times during his presidency, proving Hillary is as full of sh*t as he is.



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  1. I thought it actually enhanced her appearance quite a bit!

    1. E. Williams


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