Racial Forecasters Say Milwaukee Overdue for “The Big One”


MILWAUKEE – Noted racial forecasters were disturbed, but not surprised, by the latest incidents of violence in this Midwestern city. After a police officer shot and killed an armed black man who refused to drop his gun after being asked repeatedly, looters took to the streets to burn cars and businesses, and threatening to kill white people.

Although the police officer in this case was black, facts were inconvenient truths for the rioters. All they needed was an excuse to let off steam and space to destroy. City officials say the city is a “powder keg” just waiting to go off.

Saturday night’s violence was just a tremor, warn Black Lives Matter forecasters, and the city should still be prepared for “the big one.” Milwaukee is an older city and its infrastructure was not built to be loot, riot, or fire-proof. If the big one does hit, damage could be in the hundreds of dollars.

Residents are urged to stay vigilant and to take comfort in the fact that their president feels their plight. He’ll be on the golf course if you need him.

And remember, Milwaukee, it’s not a good thing to be compared to shit holes like Ferguson and Baltimore.


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4 Thoughts to “Racial Forecasters Say Milwaukee Overdue for “The Big One”

  1. So a black cop kills a black criminal who doesn’t follow orders to drop his gun, and the cops are responsible? Must be that black sheriff they’ve got up there…must be HIS fault! I mean, after all, it’s either that or they’re importing some folks from Chicago.

    1. E. Williams

      I heard it was Trump’s fault. He shot the man in Wisconsin, and then raced to New York where he shot the Imam and his friend. Does the guy ever sleep?!

      1. Trump was probably inspired to do it by Sarah Palin, who shot that congresswoman, whatever her name was, way back whenever, I forget the details. But it’s all the fault of racist white crackers — that much I’m sure of.

        1. E. Williams

          True, and Palin is still paying the price for her thuggish behavior. smh

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