Fossil Fool: Kamala Urges Americans To Transition To Space Cars ‘Like In The Jetsons’


WASHINGTON – Democrats in the Biden administration are confused over why Americans are upset about skyrocketing gas prices. There is an easy fix according to the brain trusts of the party. Just get yourself a space car!

Before she leaves to screw up the Russia/Ukraine conflict even more in Poland this week, VP Kamala Harris shared her thoughts on our current energy mess. “People, look, just get one of those space cars they zipped around in The Jetsons. They run on renewable energy, they’ll lessen congestion on our roads, and they’ve been around since the ’60’s. I remember seeing them on TV as a little girl and have never understood why they didn’t catch on here. But as we transition away from fossil fuels, this seems like an easy fix to me.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg supports the idea. “My understanding is that those cars are powered by a flux capacitor, instead of dead dinosaur juice. Elon Musk is about to start cranking out space cars from his new gigi-factory in Texas, I’m told. Sounds like we’re going to be just fine.”

Spokesperson Jen Psaki is on board with Jetsons space cars too. “That’s a fabulous idea! Look at you, Kamala! Go, girl! I want one myself. They look like they’d be so fun to run around in. I don’t know how much they cost, but I swear I’ll puke all over the next reporter who asks me about Americans whining over high fuel prices! If gas is too high, like, drive something else besides your car. Duh!”


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