General Assembly Adopts ‘Virginia Is For Shoe Polish Lovers’ Slogan


RICHMOND – In the wake of an ongoing blackface controversy involving its state leaders, Virginia’s General Assembly updated the state’s slogan today. “Virginia Is For Lovers,” the state’s well known tagline, has been updated to “Virginia Is For Shoe Polish Lovers.”

With news coming out that Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring both sported blackface in their college days, the governing body felt the update was justified. The news explains why Virginia has lead the country in shoe polish sales for decades.

Minority leader Eileen Filler-Corn stated, “Hey, what can I say? We like a good blackface here. And we like to vote people into office who like to don the look, but who also call out all those racists who don’t, or haven’t, worn blackface at any time in their past.”

Love is in the air.

“I want to caution my colleagues across the aisle though,” she continued. “Using shoe polish for blackface is only allowed if you’re a democrat. We have a strict, zero-tolerance policy for anybody else who might do that. That’ll never change.”


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