George Will Once Considered Writing An Article in Layman’s Terms

WASHINGTON – Priggish political commentator George Will made headlines this week when he referred to Vice-President Mike Pence as “oleaginous” and “obsequious.” Ouch. Who among us hasn’t used those words in insulting a rival on the school playground in our younger days?

Still, Will can be operose for the average American to understand. He’s never been one to mince words when it comes to politics. In fact, he recently admitted that he ONCE considered writing an article in what the rest of us might call “layman’s terms.”

Will: You would think writing in layman’s terms would be easy, but I found the experience to be plebeian, prosaic, and pure flummery. I know there are those who find me magisterial, and one time I did almost write an article about Obama, writing it as if every reader hadn’t completed graduate school, like I did. It felt bagatelle. My copy was addlepated, puerile, and extremely gelastic. You can imagine my discomfiture had I allowed that to go to print!

George Will
From one George to another…

No, that’s not for me. I’ll stick with the periphrastic and grandiloquent style that my wife and I use at the dinner table. You should hear my dirty talk in the bedroom! No, I’m compunctious if Trump supporters logomachize with me. That’s unpropitious. As for the article on Pence, everyone who knows me knows I don’t take my calumnies lightly. I meant every word I ventilated.

  • George Will indites regularly for The Washington Post, whose tagline is ‘Democracy Succumbs in Atramentousness.’


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  1. Which is exactly why Bret Baier doesn’t use him on the Panel on Special Report any longer!

    1. E. Williams

      George has gone over to the Dark Side

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