Good Times: Stacey Abrams To Give State Of Union Rebuttal


GEORGIA – Former Good Times actress Stacey Abrams has been tagged to deliver the Democrat Party’s rebuttal to President Trump’s state of the union speech on Tuesday. Abrams, who has been acting since the 1970’s, most recently lost her bid to become the governor of Georgia.

Stacey acted under the stage name Esther Rolle on the hit sitcom, is best known these days for her stance that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in US elections. She cray-cray. She’ll no doubt accuse the president of being a heartless, evil, racist devil in her state of the union spin.

Stacey, giving her family the news that she’ll be delivering her party’s response to SOTU.

When news hit that Senator Chuck Schumer had picked Abrams to deliver her party’s anti-Trump gibberish, Speaker Nancy Pelosi shouted, “DY-NO-MITE!”

Pelosi said that Stacey will dispute every point Trump makes on any issue – just because – and then point out the benefits of her party’s socialist ideas, all while not calling them socialist.


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One Thought to “Good Times: Stacey Abrams To Give State Of Union Rebuttal

  1. kc


    Gibberish is a funny word.

    Gibberish, it kinda tickles when you say it.


    Gibberish is a perfect way to describe the drivel from the left.

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