Got GOYA? Angry Leftists Launch New Hispanic Food Company ANNOYA

CALIFORNIA – GOYA Foods Company is under attack by deranged American leftists after the CEO of the Hispanic Food brand expressed support for President Trump. In response, the Left, led by Hollywood celebs, have decided to launch their own brand of Hispanic foods – ANNOYA.

Annoying the public is what liberals and progressives do best. They’re currently pushing a national boycott of GOYA because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. The new brand promises to be “so woke it will give you insomnia” according to those pushing the boycott.

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “ANNOYA will be a great new brand. After the CEO of GOYA made his remarks, I used my Adobo seasoning on my dinner. It didn’t taste the same as it usually does. I couldn’t tolerate it. I had this image in my mind of President Trump making the seasoning himself. It was a nauseating experience for me, and I couldn’t eat it.”

AOC recounts the moment she realized political affiliation affects liberal taste buds.

Chrissy Teigen, along with husband John Legend, will be one of the financial backers of ANNOYA. “For starters, we will be changing some of the product names that offend us. ‘Chick’ peas? Sexist. Frijoles ‘Negros?’ Get real. Too offensive.

“Secondly, our customers can be assured that all products have be harvested, processed, packed, delivered, and stocked on shelves by people who despise Trump. ANNOYA will be a 100% Trump-less brand! You’ll be able to taste the difference.”

ANNOYA further plans to run a series of annoying commercials to plug the brand. And if you don’t buy their brand, they say they’ll shove it down your throats like they do everything else.



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