Gov. Cuomo Asking Public For Ideas On New Excuses He Can Use

Andrew Cuomo

NEW YORK – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t think he’s ever to blame for any of his bad governance. Typical leftist elite. But nursing home deaths, hiding damaging data, and multiple sexual harassment charges are piling up, making it harder for the guv to ignore.

So far, Cuomo has blamed Trump, federal guidelines, lying women, and Trump again for his repeated failures. He’s starting to run out of excuses. Now, the governor is asking for the public’s help in coming up with new excuses he can use to save his own political hide.

“They say ‘pride Cuomos before the fall,'” Andrew told brother Chris on CNN. The younger Cuomo laughed and said, “How do you come up with these great lines, bro? I just use the same excuse every time – I’m a douchebag. That’s it. Why do you feel like you need something more?”

“I don’t know what scandal you’re talking about, bro!”

“As a politician, you need creative excuses,” Andrew replied. “We’re Cuomo’s, so it goes without saying that we’re both douchebags. Always have been. Always will be. Still, I’m asking my fellow New Yorkers to help me keep the excuses fresh.”

The governor’s office will compile a list of excuses submitted by New Yorkers through the end of March.


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