Hallmark Channel Promises to “De-Whiten” Christmas Movies


Regardless of the subject, unless all races, sexes, nationalities, and religions are presented in proper proportions, the American left is going to lose their minds. This year they’ve targeted The Hallmark Channel, whining that their Christmas movies are “too white.” Obviously, this makes each movie unwatchable to anyone who’s not a white heterosexual.

Titles such as Enchanted Christmas, Marry Me at Christmas, Christmas Getaway, A Gift to Remember, and The Mistletoe Inn are triggering social justice TV viewers because of their white, hetero cast of characters. Bowing to pressure, The Hallmark Channel is planning on airing more politically correct movies for Christmas 2018. Some titles being produced for next year include:

Sanctuary Santa
Frosty the Wokeman
White(lash) Christmas
Wrapped Up in Racism

The Christmas Refugee
A Protest on 34th Street

O Little Star of Ferguson
The Feminist Nutcracker
Decorations & Reparations
The Migrant in the Manger
Kneeling at the North Pole
Ruhani the Islamic Reindeer
A Very Merry Minority Christmas
The Year Without White Privilege
Shots Fired: Christmas in Chicago
Goodwill to All (except white) Men
The Magical Obamacare Ornament
Will Daddy Be Out of Jail By Christmas?
Antifa Claus: The Man in the Black Mask
Border Crossing Christmas – A Love Story

The Confederate Elf: A Christmas Lynching
All I Want for Christmas is Sex Reassignment Surgery

Most of the above shows will air between midnight and 4 am starting December 1, 2018 – and starring…not a single Caucasian. Merry Christmas from Hallmark!


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3 Thoughts to “Hallmark Channel Promises to “De-Whiten” Christmas Movies

  1. Awww….isn’t that special! Now i can understand why I never watch the Hallmark Channel! Merry Christmas!!!! May your Christmas be Happy, Healthy, and Holy!

    1. E. Williams

      Thanks, Rich. I appreciate you reading my stuff all year long. Merry Christmas to you and family!!!!!!

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