Hawaii, 9th Circuit Judges Temporarily Block Sean Spicer’s Resignation


WHITE HOUSE – The Trump administration received word late Friday afternoon that Hawaii federal court judge Derrick Watson, along with judges from a 9th Circuit appeals panel, have blocked White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation from taking effect.

Spicer tendered his resignation letter Friday morning, basically saying “I am outta here” after the president decided to bring in Wall Street friend Anthony Scaramucci to run his communications department. The move effectively bans Spicer from holding his former job going forward but, again, liberal judges have stepped in and said “not so fast.”

The judges blocking Spicer’s resignation are the same judges who have previously blocked President Trump’s travel ban from going into effect.

Hawaii judge Watson ruled that, “It is the court’s opinion that every decision made by this president should be second-guessed. We in the judicial branch were not consulted first that Mr. Spicer would be relieved of his White House duties, thus we are striking the ban on his White House employment.”

Watson recommended a 90-day cooling off period to see if the president and “Spicey” could sort out any differences that might salvage the working relationship. “Maybe Spicey could figure out how to be a little milder? Get it?”

In their opinion on the matter, the 9th Circuit judges stated, “An abrupt departure by Mr. Spicer from the administration would put an undue burden on the writers and cast of Saturday Night Live, not to mention the hit to actress Melissa McCarthy’s career, and so should not move forward without further consideration. Plus, we just hate the president and everything he does.”

The administration immediately announced they would ask the Supreme Court to rule on Spicer’s resignation as soon as they come back to work in the fall.


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