Hillary Clinton Still Wandering Aimlessly Through the Five Stages of Loss

NEW YORK – Still denying reality, two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton is mired in the stages of grief and loss, nearly seven months after her defeat to President Trump. Because she refuses to admit that she herself was the reason she lost, she continues to wander aimlessly in the political world.

Hillary has her own unique five stages to work through. These stages of loss are 1) denial, 2) making excuses, 3) making more excuses, 4) realizing you suck, and 5) admitting you’re no good at whatever it was you were doing that you lost.

Until Mrs. Clinton admits that she is a horrible candidate, she will continue going from public appearance to appearance, and interview to interview, forever stuck, never able to move on. Things don’t look good for that happening.

Hillary has been jumping back and forth between stages 1-3 ever since the night of the election. Stage four is a critical hurdle to get over but, so far, no Clinton has been able to successfully address the last two stages.

Having lost touch with normal American life decades ago, Hillary will continue to believe she is more liked than she really is, that she is still the leader of the Democratic party, and continue to embarrass herself with her pathetic attempts to remain relevant.

Close friends have urged her to seek help from the local FTLOGPGA (For The Love Of God, Please Go Away) chapter, but Hillary continues to deny she has a problem.



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2 Thoughts to “Hillary Clinton Still Wandering Aimlessly Through the Five Stages of Loss

  1. Actually, let’s just think for a minute how boring our world will become if you take Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer out of the picture. Then you’ve only got Bernie Sanders (who’ll probably be dead in a year or two anyway), and Elizabeth “No, I’m REALLY An Indian” Warren as the voice of the left. With all of the characters the left has out there that are old and decrepit, do we REALLY want Hillary to go away quickly???

    1. E. Williams

      I have a personal confession to make here…..I never get tired of making fun of her. There, I said it. I feel better.

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