Hillary Clinton to Kneel During National Anthem Before Debate

NEW YORK – To continue her pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd, Hillary Clinton has decided to kneel during the singing of the national anthem, performed just prior to the big presidential debate with Donald Trump.

The move is a risky one, since Clinton is not sure she will be able to get to her feet once she kneels, and would therefore have to do the entire debate from a kneeling, sitting, or laying position. But the risk is worth it if it brings her more votes.

“I feel my support among blacks starting to waver, so I have to pull out all the stops. I may hold my fist in the air during the anthem, but haven’t decided yet,” Clinton said. “I may even throw in a ‘no ways tarred’ reference during one of my responses!” she said, cackling.

Hillary described Colin Kaepernick as a trailblazer for having the guts to sit on his ass or kneel during the Star-Spangled Banner. The black militant/terrorist group voting bloc, like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers, is an important one in Clinton’s mind. Donald Trump says he can win without them.



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2 Thoughts to “Hillary Clinton to Kneel During National Anthem Before Debate

  1. When Trump said he thought Hillary lacked the stamina to be president, I halfway thought she was going to say “Ah ain’t noways tarrrrrrd!”

  2. Now THAT would have been funny to watch! I’m surprised they didn’t wheel her out in a wheel chair for the sympathy vote!

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