Hillary Clinton’s New Book to be Titled “Sh*t Happened”

NEW YORK CITY – Hillary Clinton has a new book, coming out in September, in which she claims she will detail what happened that caused her to lose the election to Donald Trump. The title of the upcoming Simon & Schuster release is Sh*t Happened. The publishing firm has also released a list of other possible titles that were submitted by Clinton and her team regarding the 2016 campaign:

  • Close, But No Cigar
  • Huma I Kidding? Diary of a 2-Time Loser
  • Hillary Clinton – Life of a Chronic Blamer
  • Why Aren’t I Charging 50 Bucks For This Book, You Might Ask?
  • I Fought the Deplorables and the Deplorables Won
  • Coughfefe
  • 50 Shades of Blame
  • The Art of Avoidance: From Benghazi to Wisconsin
  • It Takes An Electoral Village
  • Getting Over Pneumonia in Hours for Dummies
  • Always the Bridesmaid
  • Donald Trump: How He Broke Me
  • O Pennsylvania, Where Art Thou?
  • Make It Look Like An Accident
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting It On A Silver Platter
  • Depends Don’t Stop WikiLeaks
  • The Lord Giveth and the Lord Take Seth Away
  • Dressing Like A Teletubbie On A Shoestring Budget
  • Speaking From the Trail: How to Project Your Screech
  • Vodka Soup for the Democrat Soul

It’s easy to imagine the difficult time publishers had in picking just one title from the outstanding submissions above. Simon & Schuster reps say the book will be a huge success if they can just lose less money on this book than they did on Hillary’s previous effort, Hard Choices.

Another rejected title.


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  1. More trees killed…Al Gore more upset at that…warehouses filled with unsold books… and publishers never learn.

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