Hillary Complained About Graffiti on Backdrop of Debate Stage

NEW YORK – During the walk-through before the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton pointed out something she didn’t think was appropriate on an American debate stage. She asked producers why there needed to be walls covered with graffiti behind both podiums on the big night.


“Don’t get me wrong,” she said, “The lettering and work that went into that graffiti showed real talent by the artist. But what does it have to do with politics? It just seems oddly out of place.” Clinton’s staff were equally dumbfounded, unable to explain the graffiti.

Hillary wondered if the artwork was the work of a gang, or if it was supposed to contain a possible subliminal message. “It just looks like some kind of hieroglyphics to me.”

In addition to her complaints about the backdrop, Hillary made the man on the floor in this picture stay in that position so she could stand on his back the entire debate. The man remains in stable condition today with deep heel marks in his back.

Mrs. Clinton filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission to try and have the graffiti removed prior to the debate, but was informed there wasn’t time to address the issue with all parties involved. An annoyed Hillary growled, “Well, I’d better not see anything like that at the other two debates.”


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2 Thoughts to “Hillary Complained About Graffiti on Backdrop of Debate Stage

  1. Rich

    You mean she actually was able to complain about something without dropping the “F Bomb”?

    1. E. Williams

      We can’t confirm that, Rich.

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