Hillary Hurt Again After Falling Down Most Powerful Women’s List


NEW YORK – Forbes magazine has published their latest list of the world’s most powerful women, and it saw the once invincible Hillary Clinton tumble and hurt herself again. Mrs. Clinton, the most accident prone candidate in modern political history, of course, had her own version of what caused her to crash and burn.

“I was skateboarding down the banister while slamming down my third frappuccino,” Clinton explained, “When one of my wheels slid off the rails and I fell a long way down. I had been near the top when it happened. When I looked around, I noticed all these powerful women staring down at me, shaking their heads.”

Unfortunately for Hillary, doctors have already debunked her version of events. Dr. Henry Gallagher of Mount Sinai Hospital told reporters, “Mrs. Clinton’s friend Donna Brazile apparently tried to throw Hillary under the bus for rigging the Democrat’s nomination process in her favor during 2015 and 2016. Hillary’s toe caught on a lie, she lost her influence, and went careening out of control all the way down, like a big bowling ball of butcher knives. It wasn’t pretty.”

Dr. Gallagher confirmed that Hillary had recently been near the top of the list of the world’s most powerful women. “I don’t think she’ll ever get anywhere near there again,” he said.

Concerned members of the media asked how long Hillary would be hurt after such a big fall, and Dr. Gallagher said, “Oh, she’s fine. We’ve already discharged her. But she just won’t leave!”


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