Hillary Short-Circuits, Deemed a National Fire Hazard

hillary short circuit

WASHINGTON – In a prearranged press conference today, Hillary Clinton admitted she may have “short-circuited” in her answers about her email troubles to FNC’s Chris Wallace last weekend. For that reason, she has been deemed a walking, national fire hazard.

Chris Wallace said he noticed a spark shooting out of Clinton’s right nostril during one of her answers, but he thought he was just seeing things. Mrs. Clinton has shown signs of short-circuiting several times during the presidential campaign.



A local fire department is always on set during her interviews, and Secret Service agents confirm that the buffer zone they create around her constantly is for the safety of the public, not for her. “She could ignite a whole room if the conditions were just right,” one agent said.

For that reason, security is tight at all of her events to make sure no one has anything flammable on their person. Lastly, she now has to wear a UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) tag, the kind you see on all power cords, wrapped around her short tail, warning of the risk of fire.

Is America really ready for a short-circuiting President?




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