Hillary ‘Silence Her’ Clinton Weaponizes Stupidity With Gun Silencer Tweet

LAS VEGAS – Firearms expert and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, may have stumbled upon the best slogan that anybody could come up for her. Forget ‘I’m With Her.’ After her comments regarding gun silencers, Clinton’s new moniker should be ‘Silence Her.’

In the hours immediately following the mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, Hillary pointed out that people ran when they heard gunshots. “Imagine how many more deaths if the shooter had a silencer,” she tweeted. Clinton clearly does not have a permit to use her stupidity in public or on social media.

Since silencers are only silent in the movies – they only drop gun noise by a few decibels and are still as loud as a jackhammer in real life – the White House is calling for stupidity control in the wake of Clinton’s gun comments.

In Monday’s press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters, “You can see from Hillary’s tweet about silencers that, in the wrong hands, stupidity can be dangerous. We would encourage Mrs. Clinton to educate herself before pretending to know the first thing about guns.”

Hillary’s inability to “just go away” is hampering the country’s effort to silence her. If only she had a built-in silencer on herself.




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2 Thoughts to “Hillary ‘Silence Her’ Clinton Weaponizes Stupidity With Gun Silencer Tweet

  1. Mr. Williams, you need to be very careful…your blog today veers ever-so-closely to the truth! It’s hard to tell satire from the truth when they are the same thing! But it’s a GREAT piece (as usual!).

    1. E. Williams

      Thank you, sir. And, yes, I hate writing ones that are right in that gray area! lol

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