Hillary Tabbed as New Face of Makeup Company, L’ordHélpUsAll

PARIS – Now that the election is over, endorsement deals have come pouring in for Hillary Clinton. And since beauty is the first word many associate with ‘Chipmunk Cheeks,’ it only made sense that she would sign with one of the world’s most prestigious makeup companies.

The deal came down to a bidding war between Careless Girl and L’Oréal (parent company of the new ‘L’ordHélpUsAll’ makeup line), but L’Oréal gave more cash to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s recount efforts.


The L’ordHélpUsAll line of beauty products is designed for the jet-setting woman who needs more help than most. The crown jewel of the makeup line is a spackling compound that is applied using either a paint brush or a trowel, as opposed to the traditional makeup brush. This allows the customer to get the paste compound deep down into all the cracks and crevices, giving a more youthful appearance.

There are similar products made by other manufacturers, like LanCome(y) and Neuvagina (owned by Neutrogena), but they lack the star power of Hillary’s mug in their advertising campaigns.

**The first 1000 orders placed for Hillary’s spackling foundation product will receive a bonus $100 teeth-yellowing kit – absolutely free with their order!!!


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