Hillary/Trump Debate 3: Why Donald Better Watch His Wallet

WASHINGTON – Donald Trump, what’s in your wallet? Where is your wallet? In the latest release of documents from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Ineptitude), it was revealed that Hillary Clinton stole lamps and furniture from the State Dept. during the early months of her tenure as secretary of state, and used the furniture to decorate her swanky DC residence.

Once a grifter, always a grifter. The Clinton’s also stole property from the White House when they left following Bill’s presidency. They eventually returned some of the $200K worth of furnishings due to political pressure.


You can understand her taking a lamp or something. Maybe it had sentimental value, reminding her of the time she threw it across the room at Bill when he stopped by. But seriously, are you of sound mind when you’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars – and you can’t furnish your own place with your own damn money?!

Theft of government property would be a crime for the rest of us. Hillary, however, wants to be a champion for all of the furniture stealing middle-class folks out there. So, during the final presidential debate this week, Donald Trump would be wise to know where his valuables are at all times. (Maybe even keep them in a lock box.)

He might have walked away from the last debate missing his wallet, or a watch, we don’t know for sure. But, for anybody still planning on voting for vile Hillary, won’t it be great having your first kleptomaniac president?!!


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