Hollywhat? Liberal Meltdowns Will Entertain Americans For Years

HOLLYWOOD – As box office sales fall, and more Americans are staying home to watch TV, Hollywood is worrying what they can do to put cheeks in the seats in theaters nationwide. They can start by telling their entertainers to stop their political preaching to the public.

Buuuuuuut….that’s not going to happen. So, as more and more former moviegoers make the choice to stop paying the super-rich, misguided crybabies their hard-earned money, a new star has emerged to entertain the rest of us.

Enter the anti-Trump liberal meltdowns. In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency, the anguished antics displayed by more and more Lefties are showing great promise as an alternative form of entertainment that many Americans are seeking.

Here are a few of the emerging stars in the meltdown field, with more coming out every day:

It’s alright, Hollywood celebrities. We’ll be fine. The examples above show more range, more raw emotion, and give us more laughs than most anything you put out there for us. These people will provide more than enough material for us.

So Madonna, Cher, Bruce, Alec, De Niro, Gwyneth, Katy Perry, etc., we’re moving on. In fact, we promise we won’t even miss you.



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4 Thoughts to “Hollywhat? Liberal Meltdowns Will Entertain Americans For Years

  1. Sheesh. When Obama was elected and re-elected, I felt exactly the way that schmuck in the lime green windbreaker felt when Trump was elected, but I didn’t have a public screaming fit over it. There were millions of us who couldn’t stand Obama, but we just picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and got on with our lives. These crybabies need to learn how to deal with it when they don’t get what they want.

    1. E. Williams

      I think because so much of their mindset is dictated by emotion, all they know how to do is react to their emotions rather than gain any perspective from them.

  2. But what about the children??? Who is going to care for the children??? How are we ever going to know who to root for and vote for if we don’t have Hollywood celebrities, who know very little about politics to begin with, to tell us? And what about the children???

    1. E. Williams

      We’re on our own now. Pray we can find our way….for the children.

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