Huma Abedin: “No More Weiner, It’s Easier Being Lesbian Like Hillary”


NEW YORK – Huma Abedin, the woman with the worst taste in men, and Hillary Clinton’s shadow, has been burned again by her sexting-addicted husband, Anthony Weiner. This makes the third time, and Huma said today she’s had enough.

Anthony Weiner has been caught, once again, sexting to a female stranger. This time, while his young son was in bed next to him, and in the picture. So Huma has announced there will be no more Weiner for her.


“This is insane. I’m out here trying to help my boss screw the country, and my husband is at home doing these things that are screwing my reputation! I’m done. It’s way easier to just be a lesbian like Hillary.”

“Hillary and I used to argue over who had married the biggest loser. We still ‘agree to disagree’ on that one. But we always end the discussion with the relief that both husbands were just for show anyway.”

Abedin said she would be thrilled to be Hillary’s First Lady, should her boss win the election.


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