Hypocrisy: Media Silent When Kamala Called Fallen Vets ‘Jive Turkeys and Suckas’


WASHINGTON – Donald Trump is being crucified in the media for a story based on anonymous sources. According to a reporter at The Atlantic, the president referred to fallen soldiers as “losers and suckers.” Supporters in his administration have come forward denying he ever said such a thing.

However, the guilty narrative exposes yet another double standard from the mainstream media. They feign outrage over Trump’s supposed remarks, but said nothing when Democrat Kamala Harris “reportedly” said basically the same thing years ago.

As a DA in California during the early 90’s, Harris reportedly called soldiers dying in the Gulf War ‘jive turkeys and suckas.’ According to numerous anonymous and made-up sources, the young democrat made the disparaging remarks at a bar with friends.

The sister of a niece whose uncle once worked at Kamala’s landscaper’s brother-in-law’s sports bar, has said the remarks could very well be true. “She used to use the term ‘suckas’ all the time back then,” said the unnamed, unknown, but totally trustworthy source.

The media has been totally silent on Harris’s remark. In fact, you can’t even hear the crickets because their silence is so loud. As it turns out, it’s amazing how easy it is to publish stories when using anonymous sources.

As for those who believe the President actually said what The Atlantic is saying he said? Those people are suckas.


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