Immigration: Trump Ends Catch & Release, Enacts Tag ‘Em & Bag ‘Em Rule

WASHINGTON – President Trump signed an order this week that changes the way illegal aliens are treated if they’re caught trying to cross our southern border from Mexico. The president’s new ‘Tag ‘Em & Bag ‘Em’ program replaces immediately the ‘Catch & Release’ policy used by past administrations.

Previously, Border Patrol agents were forced to release illegals they caught crossing the border, unless certain height and weight requirements of the detained were met. If the requirements were not met, or were exceeded for that day, Border Patrol personnel were forced to release those immigrants back into the wild.


Raul Perez, an agent who works the border crossing in El Paso, Texas, explained the differences in policy. “Until now, if an illegal was too small according to the Obama administration’s policy, we were forced to throw them back. President Trump is finally giving us the approval to actually do our job.”

Perez said Trump’s new ‘Tag ‘Em & Bag ‘Em’ rules will allow Border Patrol agents to use tranquilizer guns and burlap sacks to apprehend and transport illegals – regardless of size. “We don’t hurt these people. We tag their ear so we can track both the illegal and their immigration patterns in the future. Then we toss them in their burlap bag back over the Mexican border. But they do get to keep the burlap sack, so at least they come out of the ordeal with something.”


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