Insightful “Reasons To Vote For Democrats” Tops Amazon Book Charts

NEW YORK – The literary world is buzzing this week over the publication of a book detailing the state of the Democratic Party. “Reasons To Vote For Democrats” is considered to be the most exhaustively researched and comprehensive look at why Democrats have been so successful lately.

The book is a little different from most other books, since it basically contains no words or pictures. After the Table of Contents, the rest of the book is a hard look at the many ways Democrats put the interests of the American people above their own political ambitions.

The reviews have been stellar so far:

Nancy Pelosi – “I’ll have to read it to…you know, find out what’s in it. But if you look at the bills I’ve voted for throughout my career, you’ll know I’m not a big reader.”

Chuck Schumer – “I hope when they make the movie, they stay true to the book. This one warrants a trilogy.”

Sheila Jackson Lee – “I had trouble keeping up with the numerous plot twists.”

Elizabeth Warren – “I’m so busy, I’ll probably just listen to the audio book version on a plane flight sometime soon.”

Barack Obama – “I’ll be honest, I only skimmed through the book looking for my name.”

Keith Ellison – “My copy was defective. There wasn’t anything there. The printer must have screwed up.”

Al Franken – “The most fun I’ve had between the covers in a really long time!”

Joe Biden – “It’s my new favorite read while I’m on the can.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – “An honest, fresh take on the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. It really spoke to me.”

Chelsea Clinton – “Even my babies love it when I read it to them at bedtime!”

Maxine Waters – “It’s a real page-turner. I couldn’t put it down, except there weren’t enough black characters portrayed in it. That’s typical though.”

Snopes – “It checks out. We found no contradictions or evidence of ‘fake news’ in this book.”

Reasons” author, Michael J. Knowles, is happy with sales of the book so far, and has already started working on his next book – “Barack Obama’s Successes and Legacy.” It promises to be just as wordy and thorough as his current book.

The book is currently at the top of the non-fiction, self-help, historical, and comedy book categories at Amazon.


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  1. Wow! Who thought any of those Democrats even KNEW how to read???

    1. E. Williams

      I was surprised to learn that too.

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