ISIS Weighs in on Trump/Machado Weight War


MOSUL – There are serious problems in our world today, but none more dire than the insensitive words presidential candidate Donald Trump supposedly said to a Venezuelan Miss Universe 20 years ago. Trump reportedly called the beauty contestant “Miss Piggy,” damaging, forever, her self-esteem.

The revelations have rocked the world, and even leaders of the terror group ISIS have been affected by the hurtful language. A media spokesman for ISIS said, “We are very concerned about the language Mr. Trump used against this woman 20 years ago. If he would say that about her, can you imagine what he might say about us?! And we find the term ‘Miss Piggy’ highly offensive to Islam, since you know how we feel about pork.”

The spokesman said many of his fighters have lost their will to spread terror until this hurtful episode is resolved somehow.


Many in the mainstream media are struggling to deal with the Miss Piggy comment as well. CNN’s Carol Costello said this morning, “It’s gut wrenching. When I think of how hurtful those words must have been to Ms. Machado, it just makes my insides ache. I almost couldn’t make it into work today. I’ve just been distraught since learning of this during the debate.”

America has survived 8 years of President Obama, but can it survive a hurtful comment made 20 years ago to Alicia Machado, a former beauty queen/porn star/criminal? For now, we wait to see…


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